About Dr. Dalati

Sarih Dalati, MD, PC is dedicated to the research, development and education in adult neurology and clinical neurophysiology.

He is dedicated because it is his passion to help people and to treat afflictions of the nervous system.

His special interests include Parkinson's disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis and headache.

Sarih Dalati can perform EEG and EMG procedures to help diagnose conditions in patients experiencing such difficulties.

In a state-of-the-art office, designed for individual treatment for each patient, you will be comforted with a friendly and compassionate staff. Most insurances are accepted and appointments always run on time.

Serving the tri-county area surrounding Eastpointe with precision, dignity and support, you can trust you are always in competent hands.

Sarih Dalati, MD. - Commitment to providing total adult neurology care to a community we are proud to call home.

Contact Information

22850 Kelly Rd Suite C
Eastpointe, MI 48021

Phone: 586.773.9950
Fax: 586.773.9970

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